Paul Taylors Top Tips For SLOW PLAY (TTT)

Now that daylight is on the short side and the colder temperatures have arrived, just a little note to heighten our awareness of what we can all do to prevent slow play with TTT…………… “Taylor’s Top Tips”

6 positive tips for winter play:-

1) All groups of players should keep up with the group ahead and we would
encourage all groups to play “ready golf” if you can.

2) Be ready to play your shot by going to to your ball and preparing to play (providing you use common sense and you are not at risk of being hit by a shot from your playing partners). If you can pick and place, clean and replace your ball and take measurements and plan your shot while others are playing.

3) Lost balls, a reminder you now have 3 mins only to find a ball that is lost in the rough. If one of your group has lost a ball and the team behind are ready on the tee – let them through while you look. Once the 3 mins are up, move on and play your provisional ball.

4) Around the green. many areas near the green are now roped off for protection but don’t leave bags in front of greens to go back to, put them near the next tee. If you are able to easily putt out after your first putt, you should try to do so rather than mark your ball. When all have putted out, clear the green and mark scores on the next tee.

5) Let the group behind through if you have lost a hole (i.e. you are teeing off on a par 4 and the group ahead have already left the green).

6) Finally if you cannot score, pick your ball up. winter golf should be fun for everyone and its not fun if you are making others wait about in the cold.

Best wishes

Paul Taylor

Men’s Section Captain 2020

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