Weekend Competitions

Weekend Trophies

Roger Burman Trophy Chris McNicol
Andy Ward Easter Masters Toby Banks
Des Walker Trophy Pankaj Patel
Glen Russell Trophy Richard Nolan
Steve Batchelor Trophy

Phil West Trophy

Mike Bonser Trophy

Ron Coleman Cup

Phil Tovey

Matthew Anderson

Mick Bird

Craig Garnett & Dean Quigley

Weekend Medals

Overall D1 D2 D3 D4
April Medal John Dale Tony Routledge Richard Nolan John Dale John Mclaughlin
May Medal Matthew Anderson Tony Routledge Matthew Anderson Dave Sellings Les Ward
June Medal

July Medal

August Medal

September Medal

Matthew Anderson

Dean Quigley

Tony Routledge

James Bishop

Steve McMullen

Dean Quigley

Tony Routledge

Martin Himsworth

Matthew Anderson

Michael Parkin

Ian Kane

James Bishop

Stephen Bannister

Roy Foster

John Ratcliffe

Andy Draper

Derek Jerrard

Raymond Black

Derek Jerrard

Paul Peterson

Order of Merit Leaders (Post Sept)

Tony Routledge          95 points

Steve McMullen         62 Points

Matthew Anderson    59 Points

Scratch Order of Merit Leaders (Post Sept)

Tony Routledge               46 Points

Matthew Anderson          45 Points

Dean Quigley                     43 Points

For the full list of Order of Merit points, please see your Chesfield Downs IG pages, under “Competitions” and then “Ongoing”.