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20th September 2021 – Captains Day Auction Winners

Highest bidder of the 7-day membership – Peter Harris. Highest bidder of the Portugal Villa rental – Richard Deeks.

19th September 2021 – 18-49 Summer Season Winners

This years summer 18-49 competition has been finalised with the final round completed last week.  Rob Oldaker takes the winners prize for the lowest gross score over the season with an impressive 59!.  The joint Net winners, with a score of 54 were Pank Patel and Bjorn Vanslembrouk.   Prizes for all the awards (including front 9, back 9 and monthly winners) will be distributed in the coming weeks.  Well done to all who entered and look out for the 18-49 Winter League coming soon.

19th August 2021 – Captains Update

Click on the link below to read Captain Richard Deeks latest update report

Captains Report

15th August 2021 – Captains Trip 2022

Phil Tovey has announced his Captains trip for 2022, to Belton Woods from Friday 13th – Sunday 15th May.  Costs will be around £300 and this will be confirmed in due time.  Phil has requested people respond asap on their intentions to attend and this will be on a first come first serve basis.

10th August 2021 – Foxes League – Finish 3rd

The Handicap team in the Foxes League have ended the season in 3rd place, narrowly missing out on the runners up spot, which went to Knebworth.  Manor of Groves took this year’s title. We are still in the Cup competition, with a semi final on the 27th August vs The Hertfordshire.  The final event will be the End of Season and Awards ceremony due in October.  Congratulations to Derek Jerrard who won the OOM for the team.

9th August 2021 – Goodfellas WIN the Ryder Cup

The annual Ryder Cup competition was played over the weekend, with the Men’s Section losing out to the Goodfellas in the annual competition. The score ended 15.5 to 8.5 and the event was played in the the usual friendly good natured banter and rivalry as seen in the real Ryder Cup.  Phil Tovey’s first task as Captain next year, win back our trophy!

9th July 2021 – Captains Charity Day Update (Date: Saturday 31st July)

So, it’s that time again, the countdown to my Captains Charity today has started and hopefully you can support me on the day, as you will know from previous comm’s the charity I will be supporting is “The Compassionate Friends”. I’m sure for those of you have children no matter how old, the thought of losing a child is un-imaginable, being a parent of two boys this charity really resonates with me, and that’s why I want to support this charity/ bereaved parents.

08:00 Shotgun Start

Team Alliance (best 2 scores par 4&5) and (best 3 scores par 3’s)

Members £30

Non-Member £35

Please note you can pay cash on the day, or alternatively transfer cash to the account details below with reference: Captains Charity Day

06:45 – 07:30 Registration

07:30 – 08:00 Walk to Tee

12:30 – 15:00 Lunch/Auction   

If you are interested in sponsoring a hole or donating any prizes for the auction or raffle it would be gratefully received, for those of you that have already expressed an interest in sponsoring hole please details of the Men’s Section account:

Sort Code: 60-20-26

Account Number: 63553449

If you are interested in playing the sign-up sheet can be found on the board opposite the Men’s Changing Rooms door, I will be putting it this Saturday so please keep an eye out.

Finally, all that’s left to say is I really hope you can join me on what should be a fantastic day, raising money for a fantastic cause.  


6th May 2021 – Captains Update

Click on the link below to read Captain Richard Deeks latest update report

Captains Report

5th April 2021 – Intelligent Golf Scoring 

As we return from Covid restrictions, we thought it would be useful to give everyone a refresher on using the Intelligent Golf Scoring App.  Check out the YouTube video below.


21st February 2021 – Updated Conditions of Competition

We may not be able to play golf right now due to Covid restrictions, but the Men’s Section committee have remained hard at work over the last 2 months to ensure we are ready to enjoy competitions as soon as we can.  With the change in ownership of the club, the removal of HDID (How Did I do), the implementation of IG golf and the New WHS (World Handicapping System), we have had to make a number of updates to the Conditions of Competition.  You can find the new version under the Commitee & Constitution section.

20th January 2021 – Sad news, passing of Don Montgomery

Some sad news reached the committee recently, with the passing of Don Montgomery.  Don was a long serving member of the club and a mainstay of the Men’s Section.  For years Don was also responsible for being the club decorator and our thoughts go out to his family and especially his wife Mage who many of us remember so fondly behind the bar for a number of years.  The Men’s Commitee will look to do something to honour Don in the year ahead.

12th January 2021 – Knock outs and various Winter League Competitions cancelled

The committee took the decision at the January committee meeting to cancel the Chris Fielder and John Metzger knockout competitions, due to the latest round of Covid restrictions.  News on the 18-49 and 50+ competitions will also be communicated out to those impacted and a decision on the Winter League will be made in due course.

28th October 2020 – Winter Leagues are Upon us.

Following the Cup Winners / Consolation Cup, the 2020/21 Winter League season will begin.  Weekend, Midweek, 50+ and 18-49 competitions are held from October – March, look out for emails from the respective committee members in your inbox

26th October 2020 – Your new Handicap WHS Summary

The new WHS – World Handicap System goes live on the 1st November. Your new Handicap will be called a “HANDICAP INDEX” and is taken as an average of the BEST 8 scores from your last 20 rounds. This continues as you play, so the 20th score drops off as you submit a new card. This is classed as your handicap potential on an “Average” golf course. Every golf course now has a “SLOPE RATING” for each tee, which is essentially a difficulty rating. Chesfield Downs has a SLOPE RATING off the WHITE tees of 126, Yellow Tees of 123, Red Tees of 112 – The average course is 113. As such your playing handicap at Chesfield is adjusted to take into account any increased or reduced difficulty of our course off those tees.

You take your HANDICAP INDEX to any course, look up their SLOPE RATING and adjust it accordingly.  To get to your playing handicap, take your HANDICAP INDEX and Times this by (SLOPE/AVERAGE).

Example. Player A is playing off the WHITE TEES at Chesfield Downs and their HANDICAP INDEX 13.4

13.4 * (126/113) = 14.9 Handicap. Therefore when this person plays a round of golf at Chesfield off the WHITE tees with their friends, their playing handicap is 14.9 not 13.4.  If they were playing on a course that had a SLOPE INDEX of the average, ie 113, this would be 13.4 * (113/113) = 13.4.  It is therefore deemed that your handicap potential on that Course/Tee is 13.4, but at Chesfield this is 14.9

In a Medal or Stableford Competition this is adjusted further by 95%. So the above person, who is is 14.9, plays off 14.2 in Competitions (14.9 * 95%). Different format competitions have different adjustments. Full details of the WHS can be found on the Chesfield IG website, or England Golf Union. The IG APP will be updated on the 2nd November with everyone’s new HANDICAP INDEX

21st October 2020 – Payment for competitions moves to IG – PLEASE REFER TO CAPTAINS EMAIL

We have now officially moved over to paying for competitions via IG.  An email was circulated to all playing members of competitions on Tuesday evening.  Please ensure you have read these details.  As per the note DO NOT contact Les Ward or Steve Hunt with any issues with this, please contact Captain Paul Taylor on the number he provided in the email.  This number will not be published on the web site.

20th October 2020 – Summer Season 18-19  COMPLETED –  Winners

The summer season 18-49 has now been completed.  Congratulations go to Kevin Murtagh for winning the Gross Eclectic with 58 and Kevin (again!) and Nick Roll winning the Nett Eclectic with 52.  Individual monthly winners and the top 3 can be found on the Competition Updates Section.  For the full leaderboard please see the IG website.

20th October 2020 – Summer Season 50+ COMPLETED –  Winners

The summer season 50+ has now been completed.  With over 65 competitors playing June – October, congratulations go to Martin Himsworth for winning the Gross Eclectic with 64 and Tony (Jack) Rollinson winning the Nett Eclectic with 55.  Individual monthly winners and the top 3 can be found on the Competition Updates Section.  For the full leaderboard please see the IG website.

17th October 2020 – Payment for competitions moves to IG 

Payment for Men’s section competitions will move away from payments to the Men’s Section Accounts (via Les Ward) and directly into the IG system from 1st November 2020.  Full details of the reasoning behind this decision will be issued shortly, however you can find a user guide on the News Section of the IG Website and APP.

13th October 2020 – Men’s Section Charity Day raises £5k for Mind in Mid Herts

Mens Section Captain Paul Taylor would like to say THANK YOU to everyone that took part in the Mind in Mid Herts Charity day this year.  Mental Health awareness in these strange times is of vital importance to so many people.  Congratulations to Kevin Murtagh and Danny Dance for winning the Chester Charity cup on the day.

30th September 2020 – Mind In Mid Herts Charity Day replaces Help for Heroes

Following the amended competition schedule during these challenging times we have replaced the Help for Heroes charity day to this year’s Captains Charity day (which was due to played earlier in the year).  Mind In Mid Herts are an independent charity, affiliated to Mind.  www.mind.org.uk .  Details of the competition format will be published in due course.

29th September 2020 – Men’s Section Nomination Form for Vice Captain

Nominations are now open for the Men’s Section Vice Captain 2021, who will then become Men’s Section Captain 2022.  A copy of the attached Nomination Form will be displayed on the Men’s Section notice board at the Club.  Nominations close on Tuesday 20th October @ 5pm


28th September 2020 – Club AGM Postponement

In these unprecedented times, the Club Committee at the beginning of this week, unanimously agreed that ALL AGMs WILL BE POSTPONED until it is safe to hold them.    The Sections will make their own arrangements around the temporary committee formats until these can be constitutionally ratified at the deferred AGMs.  Further details can be found on the IG Website.

23rd September 2020 – Captains Day

Saturday 26th September, tea/coffee and bacon rolls on arrival.  Team Alliance – Best 2 scores for each hole. NP 3rd (Men), NP 12th (Ladies). LD 6th (Ladies), LD 15th (Men).  Nearest the Pin in two on the 18th for all.  Winners will be announced after all the cards are in, please use hand sanitizer next to the marker pins

17th August 2020 – Ward Pairs Better Ball Competition

Sunday 13th September, tea/coffee and bacon rolls on arrival. Prizes for 1st and 2nd.  Nearest the Pins on 9th and 12th.