Committee Minutes, AGM, Constitution & Conditions of Competition

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  • Men’ Section Constitution

The Men’s section are governed by our constitution. This document establishes the parameters to which the Men’s Section operate, which includes the process for voting in Captains, outlining our obligations and our code of conduct.

Mens Constitution Version 7 Master

  • Men’ Section Committee Minutes

The Men’s committee meet on a regular basis (Usually monthly) to discuss all matters relating to the section.  Each nominated member of the committee has a role to play, whether this be the running of the competitions, managing players handicaps, organising matches against other clubs, running charity days and of course looking after the interests on the Men’s section members to ensure we are represented at the club.

2021 August Committee Minutes

2021 June Committee Minutes

2021 May Committee Minutes

2021 April Committee Minutes

2021 March Committee Minutes

2021 February Committee Minutes

2021 January Committee Minutes

2020 December Committee Minutes

2020 November Committee Minutes

2020 September Committee Minutes

2020 August Committee Minutes

2020 July Committee Minutes

2020 June Committee Minutes

Zoom Meetings took place between March, April and May, no minutes are available for these sessions

2020 February Committee Minutes

2019 December Committee Minutes

2019 November Committee Minutes

2019 August Committee Minutes

  • Men’ Section AGM

Following the completion of the Summer Season (March – October), the section hold an AGM, usually after the Cup Winners Cup competition.  At this AGM, we present the financial accounts of the section, along with details of exceptional costs or liabilities still outstanding.  Each committee member reports on their individual area and provides an update on issues and successes throughout the year.  The incoming vice captain also shares his plans for the following year.  Finally the floor is then open to Q&A from any of the members, which is documented and minuted.

2020 Mens Section AGM – Due to Covid – Only Captains Report Available

2020 Treasurers Report

2019 Mens Section AGM

2019 Treasurers Report

  • Conditions of Competition

Along with the Section Constitution, we are governed in our competitions, by the “Conditions of Competition” document.   This document outlines the rules by which we run and manage the Men’s Section competitions throughout the summer and also the Winter League mixed competitions.  Any changes to the agreed rules of competitions must be approved by the committee and published in line with the guidelines set out there in.

Conditions of Competition – Updated February 2021